True Classics That are Worth It !

Shoes occupy a similar place in a fashion-lover's heart as Handbags, 

They can elevate an otherwise dull outfit and they are often masterpieces in creativity and craftsmanship.

Designer shoes also depreciate at a much slower rate then clothing, sometimes even increasing in value as time goes on.

So, if you want to invest in a pair that you won't regret buying come next season, or even want to make a little money from your shopping habit, you've come to the right place. 

Prada Chunky Logo Loafers 

Prada Loafers


Gucci Jordaan Loafers 

You'll likely be familiar with Gucci's iconic Horsebit loafer.

As the story goes, while working at London hotel The Savoy just after World War I, a young Guccio Gucci (the brand's eponymous founder) noticed how significant equestrian symbols were to the English aristocracy. Thus, when he started the Gucci brand in 1921 he made sure the iconography became intertwined with its identity.

It was his son, Aldo, who introduced the Horsebit loafer in 1953. The sumptuous leather slip-on quickly became synonymous with the jet set and Hollywood stars alike.

Though already a true classic, Alessandro Michele's arrival at the helm of Gucci in January 2015 signalled a renaissance for the style. Reworked with a slimmer shape to create the Jordaan style (pictured above), the horsebit-adorned loafer is once again a must-have.

Toni explains these shoes resell at 70% of their original value, meaning if you've got a pair you don't wear, now is a great time to sell.

'These go with everything and anything, making them the easiest shoe in the world to style,' Toni says. 'This may be one of the reasons that people tend to hold onto them for longer, making them more scarce on the resale market than what you might expect.

Gucci Loafer


Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

Named after an historically seedy area in Paris - Quartier Pigalle, home to the Moulin Rouge and other such establishments - the Pigalle is by far Christian Louboutin Most iconic red-soled shoe.

With it's pointed toe and pencil-straight 120mm heel, the shoe is loved for its posture-correcting and leg-lengthening abilities. Kate Moss has countless pairs, and you'll rarely see her on the red carpet wearing any other shoe.

They currently resell at around 60% of their retail, but Toni has a warning for lovers of the style. 'The Pigalle shoe by Christian Louboutin is one of the most beautiful shoes ever designed. 

Christian Louboutin Pigalle


Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps

When Carrie Bradshaw chose Manolo Blahnik's jewel blue Hangisi pumps as her 'something blue' when she (finally) married 'Big' in the first Sex and The City Film, she unwittingly (or perhaps not) bestowed icon status upon the shoe.

Satin-covered with a 105mm heel, the Hangisi was inspired Napoleon I, Josephine and Pauline Bonaparte. The signature Swarovski-embellished buckle on the toe, meanwhile, was inspired by a vintage piece found by Blahnik, a lover of accessories, in Italy.

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps